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How can I have a successful business?

Posted by: Glenn Sharp on

Hi, I’m Glenn Sharp from Sharp Accounting and welcome to our weekly ‘Ask Sharpy’ video.

Why should I seek advice?

When you’re in business, I use an analogy, similar to a football team.

In a football team, the players don’t just run around and look after themselves, you’ve got a coaching team.

Over the top you have a head coach, then you might have a forward line coach, a midfield coach and a backline coach.

You’ve got multiple people helping you on your path to success. 

And the team functions better because of those coaches. 

In business, your head coach should be your accountant or your business coach. You should also surround yourself with advisors who are going to help you succeed. In your team you might have a banker, a lawyer, you might have a business coach, or even someone else who you bounce ideas off.

But without seeking advice and without collaboration, you’re relying on just what you know and that means you are more likely or less likely to succeed, because of that.

Surround yourself with an A grade team

and you’ll be a lot more focused and you’ll have a lot better advice and change of having a successful business. 

My advice would be seek as much advice as possiible. But make sure the people you are seeking advice from are the right people.

Sharp Accounting is a local accounting firm in Ballarat. Sharp Accounting nurture business growth by adding value through collaboration and shared knowledge.

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