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Strategic Planning for Businesses

Most businesses have resource capacity or capability gaps and unresolved operational problems that get in the way of strategy implementation. As a result, urgent matters are always prioritised and the important ones get pushed off or even forgotten.

Strategic planning for businesses can help to overcome issues that result from inadequate planning. More than this, it drives focus, promotes innovation and out-of-the-box thinking, propelling you towards your goals and increasing profitability.

Our goal at Sharp Accounting is to help small to medium-size business owners build a business that works for them, instead of the other way around. We nurture business growth by adding value through collaboration, shared knowledge, and generating actionable strategic plans based on your short to long-term goals.

Strategic Planning Services

  • Financial Forecasting
    Make strategic decisions for your business today with financial forecasting that considers likely financial outcomes for you at strategic future intervals.
  • Operational Change Management
    Uncover what operational changes you need to implement to get the most out of your business, as well as an actionable plan to achieve it.
  • Develop Metrics and KPIs
    Learn which metrics matter for your business, how to measure them, and get assistance analysing them to make meaningful changes.
  • Accounting and Operational Systems
    Selecting the right accounting and operational systems for your business increases efficiency, removes friction, and frees you up to focus on what matters.

FAQs About Strategic Planning for Businesses

What is Strategic Planning for Businesses?

A strategic plan is so important for businesses. It’s a document that outlines where you’re going as a company and, critically, it sets out the steps required to get there and the timeline for taking those steps. Essentially, a strategic plan is a roadmap from where you are right now to where you want to be at set periods in the future.

A strategic planning document is challenging to get right. Because it requires complex business goals to be boiled down to easy-to-understand actionable steps that all employees can refer to. But, when implemented successfully and followed up on with clear accountabilities, strategic planning is an action-oriented approach that has proven results over and over.

Sharp Accounting provides assistance with strategic planning as part of our business advisory services. We work with business owners to establish what’s holding you back and how you can overcome obstacles and challenges your business is facing. To find out how we can help your business, book your free 20-minute consultation.

What is Sharp Accounting’s Strategic Planning Day Workshop?

Our Strategic Planning Day Workshop will look at how you can improve the profitability of your business by focusing on the key drivers that can make a big difference.

What does the Strategic Planning Day look like?

We explore your business goals, your strategies, and (most importantly) your vision. Before the actual planning day, the business owner(s) and employees will be provided with a questionnaire to complete. This is a vital tool that will unlock key areas where change is required and allow us to develop and drive a strategic action plan for your business to reach its potential. We will complete an in-depth analysis before the strategic planning day, too.

We will look at:

  • Marketing and sales
  • KPIs that fuel your business
  • Finances
  • Your people
  • Workplace culture
  • Vision and strategy
  • Systems
  • Products and services

After the strategic planning day

You will receive a report containing a Now, Where, How analysis on your business along with an Action Plan. Everything is laid out with the right people identified to make them happen, and we don’t just love you then leave you.

Strategic planning services: Into the future

Along with the report, there will be 3 package options that enable you to enrol in a Business Development Program. You will also be appointed a Strategic Business Coach who will be there to take your business to the next level.

Yes, the strategic planning day is an intense roller-coaster of a day. We won’t lie. Throughout the day business owners will cry, laugh, fight, shrink and grow. But every single one has walked out with a renewed sense of purpose and a clear way to get to where they want to be.

Small changes can make a big difference. It’s time to find out what is possible and book your strategic planning workshop.

What Does a Good Strategic Plan Look Like?

A good strategic plan outlines your priorities, goals, and vision for your business for both the short and longer term. Essentially, a good plan will bring together vision and execution by fleshing out an effective strategy that takes you from where you are today to where you want to be.

It will lay out your goals and plans for the next 12 months and even through to the next 5 years in a way that is actionable and has clear timelines, priorities, and accountabilities. A good strategic plan is detailed and provides clarity to businesses about what they need to do today and in the short term to achieve a large longer-term goal. 

Critically, good strategic plans are developed to foster innovation, not stifle it. Longer-term plans are laid out so there’s room to manoeuvre in terms of precise execution, but so that the bigger picture is never out of focus. This planning encourages the creative thinking you need to innovate and save on costs, while also ensuring you stay on track, working towards your ultimate goals.

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