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Business Advisory Services

Businesses should be demanding more from their accountants. Your accounting team should know more than what your income was last year. They should know what your goals are, understand your company vision, and provide guidance to move your company forward.

At Sharp Accounting, we work with businesses to build certainty and predictability into your business planning. Our business advisory services help your business achieve its potential. We offer advice to help you run your business more efficiently, profitably, and create business growth while effectively managing risk.

Harnessing our extensive experience, we help businesses weather challenging conditions and flourish in favourable conditions. We work with you to ensure you’re confident in your plans, focused on your goals, and ready to adapt to forces outside your control.

Business Advisory Services

  • Strategic Planning
    Let us gather and analyse the data and information you need to make impactful decisions to grow your business.
  • Financial Forecasting
    Make strategic decisions for your business today with financial forecasting that considers likely financial outcomes for you at strategic future intervals.
  • Goal & Target Setting
    We work with you to develop short and long-term goals and targets then, we develop actionable plans to ensure those goals become your reality.
  • Technology & Equipment Planning
    Achieve better financial and operational outcomes when purchasing equipment and new technologies by planning ahead.
  • Optimising Operational Systems
    Selecting the right operational systems for your business increases efficiency, removes friction, and frees you up to focus on what matters.
  • Waste Audits
    Our experienced team will work with you to reduce overheads, increase productivity, improve staffing, and embed efficiency into your operations.
  • Succession Planning
    Being financially prepared for your retirement is one thing, being ready to transition your business to a new owner is another. Get ready for both with Sharp.
  • Estate Planning
    Get the legal documents you need to protect your legacy in place and ensure your business is protected if you fall ill or get injured.
  • Business Valuation
    What is your business really worth? We will determine an estimate of your businesses market value and provide you with strategies to increase this value.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
    You want our experienced accountants on your side when considering a merger or acquisition to aid with due diligence, financial negotiations, and tax minimisation.

FAQs About Business Advisory Services

What does a business advisory accountant do?

Broadly speaking, accountants can offer assistance to businesses under three umbrellas: 

  1. Compliance and Reporting. 
  2. Performance Reporting. 
  3. Business Advisory Services and Guidance. 

At Sharp Accounting, we believe your accountant should have the experience and expertise to offer advice that goes beyond just preparing historical financial statements and lodging your income tax return. Your accountant should be across the day-to-day operations of your business, casting a critical eye over the business to provide insight and advice about how your business is travelling. 

Our business advisory services look at things like strategy, growth, profit improvement, structure, governance and more. For example, a business advisor might examine finite details like, how long it takes to move products from your store shelf to a customer’s table, then give you the tools required to improve efficiencies and subsequently reduce cost.

Essentially, a business advisor oversees and steers your business in the right direction, providing the guidance you need to navigate business challenges with confidence.

How can a business advisor help your business?

Business advisors help business owners navigate uncertainty while weathering uncertainty – whether that uncertainty stems from economic conditions, business challenges, or simply inexperience operating a company. 

If you’re uncertain how to answer questions about your business future, a business advisor can help you. You may benefit from a business advisor if you can’t answer these questions:   

  • Is now the time to push your business forward and take business risks, or should you bunker down and play it safe?
  • What does tomorrow look like? You might even be asking yourself what your business will look like in 6 or 12 months, or if your business will be in a good position when you retire in 5 or 10 years? 
  • Is your current business planning solid enough?
  • Do you understand your current compliance obligations and are you certain you’re managing risk prudently? 
  • Do you have a firm grasp of the bigger picture for your business? 
  • Are your cash flow and profits what you’d expect given the effort you’re putting in?

Are business advisory services for small and medium-sized businesses or just large enterprises?

Businesses of any size and at any stage of their lifecycle can benefit from business advisory services. In fact, we work with small and medium-sized business owners regularly to help them analyse their business and plan for the future. 

Our business advisory and planning service captures an overall snapshot of your business and then we break it down for you. We will work with you to implement new strategies, procedures and appropriate marketing strategies to help address your business challenges today and into the future. 

Additionally, we act as a sounding board for businesses, bringing to the relationship years of experience in business management and development. As a result, we are able to check that your business is as competitive, focused, and profitable as it can be, offering flexible strategies to address the issues affecting your business. Through modern technology, we assess and monitor the current state of your business. Having a proactive approach like this allows us to ensure we deliver sound advice to improve your bottom line – whatever stage you’re at.

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