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Self Storage Industry Accounting

The demand for self-storage is soaring in Australia. This steady demand means that many self-storage businesses are experiencing operational challenges that come with rapid growth. Meanwhile, many self-storage business owners are seeing higher profits from decreased vacancies and higher prices. But not all self-storage businesses are making the most of the current market.

The specialist team at Sharp Accounting has deep experience navigating and overcoming the challenges self-storage businesses face. We provide self-storage accounting services to businesses Australia-wide to develop and implement financial strategies that drive profits and protect your investment.

Accounting Services for Self Storage Businesses

If your self-storage business needs assistance with any of the following, reach out: 

  1. Establishment of a self-storage operation
    Will a particular location work for you? What financial metrics should be considered, do you know? Our self-storage establishment package includes fill rate estimations, key milestones around when team members are to be hired and advice on pricing of your units.
  2. Financing of a new or existing self-storage operation
    Not sure where to start with finance or struggling to obtain finance for either an existing or a new self-storage operation? Our finance package includes a review of your financial position, a review of the legal structure of your business interests and preparation of the necessary projections for your financier to utilise. In addition, we offer the option of a concierge-style finance service, where we will take care of the majority of the dealings with your finance broker or finance institution.
  3. Purchase of a self-storage operation
    Struggling to know if you are paying too much or getting value on a proposed purchase? We can assist, with over 15 years experience advising the industry, we have the data to analyse any proposed purchase.
  4. Performance improvement and maximisation
    You may be a long-term operator in this industry, however, are you maximising your business opportunities? A hint – 100% occupancy is a red flag that you are not!
  5. Succession planning and exit
    Do you have a plan to pass on your self-storage portfolio to the next generation? How will this work from a financial, operational and ownership point of view? How will you protect your wealth from the dangers of relationship breakdowns in the next generation? We have the answers for you!

Accounting Resources for Self-Storage Businesses

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