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Growing Services

Growth is exciting and rewarding for business owners, but it comes with risk and challenges too. Working with Sharp Accounting minimises the stress of running a business.

We work with growing businesses to answer key financial and operational questions and put strong, future-focused plans in place. Working with us, you can improve operational efficiencies, reduce your overheads, and tackle business challenges with confidence.

Working together, you will be in the best position to implement new strategies, procedures, and appropriate marketing strategies to promote healthy growth. Our approach is to nurture business growth by adding value through collaboration and shared knowledge.

Sharp Accounting’s Virtual CFO Services

  • Tax Planning and Business Services
    Tax planning helps you meet reporting requirements while minimising your tax obligations to only what you must legally pay.
  • Financial Forecasting
    Make strategic decisions for your business today with financial forecasting that considers likely financial outcomes for you at strategic future intervals.
  • Strategic Planning
    Gather the data and information you need to make impactful decisions to grow your business by relying on our Virtual CFOs.
  • Business Advisory
    Place our experienced and multidisciplinary team at your disposal with our business advisory services and benefit from our wealth of insight.
  • Virtual CFO Services
    Set realistic goals and develop intelligent strategies that balance risk with reward as you grow with our virtual CFOs.
  • Debt Funding
    An accountant is an asset for any business looking to leverage debt to fund growth. Manage risk while you grow with Sharp.

FAQs about Sharp Accounting’s Services for Growing Businesses

Which business challenges can an accountant help growing businesses overcome?

Accountants are capable of so much more than just ‘doing taxes’. In fact, if your current accountant is just preparing historical financial statements and lodging your income tax return – you might be looking to face some very difficult times ahead.

Great accountants should be across the day-to-day operations of your business, casting a critical eye over the business to provide insight and advice about how your business is travelling. You should be able to ask them about ideas you have and work with them to plan for a more profitable future.

You’ll find great accountants at Sharp Accounting. Our team works collaboratively with businesses by becoming a trusted business advisor. We act as sounding boards, risk and compliance managers, and accountability partners for our clients.

How does strategic planning benefit growing businesses?

Most businesses have resource capacity or capability gaps and unresolved operational problems that get in the way of strategy implementation. As a result, urgent matters are always prioritised and the important ones are dragged out, or even forgotten.

We explore your business goals, your strategies and, most importantly, your vision. We will look at

  • Marketing and sales
  • KPI’s that fuel your business
  • Finances
  • Your people
  • Workplace culture
  • Vision and strategy
  • Systems
  • Products and services

From there, we will develop a detailed Action Plan and appoint a Strategic Business Coach to you. These drive focus while renewing your sense of purpose, so you can launch your business to the next level.

What can a Virtual CFO do for growing businesses?

A Virtual CFO provides the advice you need to avoid costly mistakes and achieve your business goals. A Virtual CFO can provide timely and insightful information and make a major contribution to the value of your business. They are essentially the sounding board and practical advice strategist behind your business.

For growing businesses, a Virtual CFO provides guidance about growth opportunities, improving cash flow, operational changes that promote profitability, and deep strategic insights that help you navigate risk, compliance, and more.

Significantly, a Virtual CFO can also help growing businesses develop, refine, and measure the metrics that really matter. Working together, we’ll set objectives and key performance indicators to ramp up productivity and profitability.

Virtual CFOs give growing businesses access to a wealth of collaborative knowledge, without the price tag of bringing a full-time CFO in-house. Importantly, with Sharp Accounting, you gain access to the knowledge of our team – not just one CFO.

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