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Illustration of a Bill coming out of an envelope and being placed under a magnifying glass to conceptualize waste and profit reviews

Lean Operations in 2022: What Waste and Profit Reviews Can Do For Your Business

There’s an old adage: “You need to spend money to make money.” It’s true, profitability and expenditure go…

By Glenn Sharp on

A photograph of Australian Dollars lined up in domination on a wooden table

Cash Flow Targets: Reduce Stress & Maximise Growth

Having enough money for your day-to-day business requirements is crucial. It is what keeps your business going –…

By Glenn Sharp on

Photograph of business person holding graphs and pie charts showing results of a business health check

How Healthy is Your Business? It’s Time for a Business Health Check

For many business owners, the pandemic has disrupted ‘business as usual’. Budgeting and business planning have been put…

By Glenn Sharp on

Why should I have insurance?

When we do our clients personal tax returns we’ll talk to them about their insurances and whether they’ve…

By Glenn Sharp on

Taking Portable Payments

Hello, it’s Ewen Fletcher from Sharp Accounting! I’m here with our first video of the Cash Flow video series. We’re…

By Ewen Fletcher on

Why do we think of ‘Cost Cutting’ to Increase Profitability?

One thing all businesses have in common is the need to be profitable. A strong turnover is essential…

By Glenn Sharp on

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