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Why Should I Work With a Tax Accountant Near Me

Posted by: Glenn Sharp on

With the advent of the internet and cloud-based solutions, many in the financial services and accounting industries suggest that the distance between them and the client is irrelevant. While this is true to some degree, you may ask yourself, what are the benefits of working with a tax accountant near me?

Benefits of Working With a Tax Accountant Near Me

There are many benefits of working with a tax accountant close to you. They include: 


The pandemic highlighted the benefits of interacting and conducting business online. You likely saved time commuting, and the professionals you need became more accessible. Meanwhile, your business may have benefitted from increased digitalisation too. 

Your accountant should be equipped with tools and technologies to meet your needs. If they aren’t, they may not be investing in the tools they need to serve you efficiently and effectively.

However, there is one significant benefit of engaging a proactive local accountant, like Sharp Accounting: we will be able to meet with you at your premises to gain a proper understanding of the business. 

“A site visit allows us to glean a deeper understanding of your business that goes beyond the numbers.”

Business Beyond The Numbers

When you work with a tax accountant near you who looks beyond the numbers, you’ll also find that your accountant: 

  1. Develops rapport with key personnel and team members.
  2. Becomes an integral part of your team.
  3. Gains a deeper understanding of the plant & equipment, critical infrastructure, and essential items within the business. 
  4. Is better positioned to help you meet future requirements and demands.
  5. Can help you make better business decisions, giving you confidence in your business’ growth and trajectory.

From the accountant’s perspective, we can demonstrate that we care about your business enough to invest the time and effort to visit you on-site. Moreover, it lets us see the business, not just the numbers. In turn, this empowers us to provide proactive and dynamic guidance that goes beyond tax accounting. 


People are becoming more wary of virtual interactions. With scams rising, cybersecurity breaches running rife, and more business owners learning about low-quality online companies purchasing likes and 5-star reviews, trust is more complex than ever to earn. 

By working with an accountant near you, that trust is a little easier to build and much easier to verify. There’s a physical office you can go to, and there are likely other local businesses you know that have worked with that accountant for years. 

Perhaps you’ll even find the business listed as a sponsor for local events – so you can trust that you’re supporting a business that supports your community. 

Local Knowledge

At Sharp Accounting, we ensure we are always up to date with local business trends and challenges. We know what makes running a business in Ballarat and the Central Highlands difficult. And we’ve helped countless businesses overcome these obstacles in the past. 

Our team is also highly knowledgeable about local and regional business grants and other opportunities. So we can help you identify which opportunities and incentives are right for you. 

By combining our local knowledge with our understanding of key changes at the state and federal levels, we can help you make the most of the market. 

A Local Network

Another benefit of our local knowledge is that the team at Sharp Accounting also has a vast regional network. So whether you’re looking for referral partners, a company for outsourcing particular items, or local suppliers, we may have someone in our network for you. 

Digging Deeper: Why Work With a Tax Accountant Near Me?

Many benefits of working with a local tax accountant relate to the level of care and guidance an accountant can offer.

Tax accounting can be just a matter of completing and submitting the business’ financial records. But at Sharp Accounting, we love to go further and grow with our clients. 

We do this by offering proactive accounting services and a suite of complementary business advisory services. 

Virtual CFO Services With a Tax Accountant Near You

While the name ‘virtual’ CFO might give the impression that it’s a position filled online, it really means outsourced CFO services. And working with an outsourced CFO near you comes with a host of benefits, including those listed above – and more. 

One significant additional benefit is that a local outsourced CFO is in a solid position to help you manage the financial element of any important projects. During these times, you likely want to work with someone who operates within your time zone and knows the ins and outs of your local economy and business ecosystem. 

Whether it’s a site expansion, new technology implementation, or something else, you can trust that the team at Sharp Accounting is ready to assist. 

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning involves considering your available resources, capabilities, and unrealised potential and working out how to leverage them for optimal growth. In other words, a strategic plan helps you get from where you are now to where you want to be. 

At Sharp Accounting, we nurture business growth by adding value through collaboration, shared knowledge, and generating actionable strategic plans. Since we’re nearby, we’re better placed to keep an eye on your progress, and we can provide responsive guidance based on what we see – not just what you tell us via email. 

Succession Planning 

The conversations you need to have about succession planning can be challenging. However, sitting down in front of a friendly face can make succession planning a little more palatable for business owners. 

Working with an accountant near you on your succession planning can be particularly valuable when you’re planning to pass your business on to the next generation. Talking about money and financial planning with the next generation can cause conflict. Working with your local accountant to help your successors develop the skills and knowledge they need to carry on the business in a more neutral setting. 

Sharp Accounting: A Tax Accountant Near You

If working with a proactive and professional tax accountant near you sounds good, contact us. 

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