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Why should I have insurance?

Posted by: Glenn Sharp on

When we do our clients personal tax returns we’ll talk to them about their insurances and whether they’ve got life insurance and income protection insurance, TPD total permanent disability insurance etc..

We don’t sell insurance, we don’t any money out of it. We are just making sure that our clients have got themselves covered.

We had one example where a client came in two or three years in a row – we’d ask the question, they’d said no. Eventually they went and got it sorted.

Unfortunately for them but, fortunately that they had stepped through the insurance process, the wife in that relationship had got diagnosed with cancer about 12 months after they had got their insurance in place.

Without that insurance, their lives would have been dramatically different for that intervening time. She got pancreatic cancer and eventually passed away after about an 18 month battle with it.

They came in and saw us before she passed and thanked us about, the fact that they had income protection insurance during that period allowed them to give their kids experiences that they wouldn’t have had otherwise. They made memories in that time.

It might be an insurance that you think is not necessary but we think it is really important because we all think we are ten foot tall and bullet proof. But you don’t know what’s around the corner.

That’s the reason you have insurance especially if you’ve got young kids.

Its there for the worst case scenario that no one wants to think about.

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