Business Growth in The New Economy

A quick look at news headlines over the past 10 months (since we published our Business Outlook for…

By Ewen Fletcher on

Workspace with wooden tables with plants on them that has recently invest in equipment, like new computers

When to Invest in the Equipment You Need for Your Business: An Accountant Explains

It can be difficult to know when it’s the right time to invest in the new machinery, technology,…

By Glenn Sharp on

Extended support for Victorian businesses

Although Regional Victoria has come out of lockdown, support has been extended for Victorian businesses. The Victorian government…

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Desk with some marketing text books, a plant, three pens, and a piece of paper that says 'marketing strategy' with an iron over the top left of the crinkled page to symbolise ironing out the creases in a marketing strategy that aligns with your financial goals.

Aligning Your Marketing Strategy With Your Financial Goals

Aligning your marketing strategy with your financial goals helps ensure your actions are focused and impactful. But for…

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Happy female worker with long brown hair holding a computer tablet and smiling sitting at a wooden table on a white chair with a dark background

3 Steps to Decrease Staff Turnover

Staff turnover is expensive, particularly for small businesses. When a team member leaves, you must spend time and…

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Outsourced CFO Services: How a Virtual CFO Can Create the Business You’ve Always Imagined!

As your business grows, so does the impact of your financial decisions. This is why the best businesses…

By Glenn Sharp on

Illustration of monthly calendar and graph showing trend upwards, as well as a green hexagon showing an increase of $100 to demonstrate the upwards superannuation changes in 2021

Superannuation Changes in 2021: What Employers Need to Know

The Super Guarantee rate is set to change this financial year for the first time since 2014. But…

By Ewen Fletcher on

Lockdown 5.0 – additional support for Victorian businesses

As part of the latest lockdown (Lockdown 5.0), the Victorian government has provided initial payments for a number…

By Ewen Fletcher on

Lessons from COVID: Build a stronger business

The pandemic tested the limits of Australian business owners’ strength, resilience, planning, and ability to innovate. While the…

By Glenn Sharp on

Man in business suit holding glowering light bulb as a metaphor for business growth strategies

3 Business Growth Strategies You Can Implement Today

Our past few blog posts have focused on preparing your business for a period of increased demand as…

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