Photograph of the Victoria Hotel a commercial property in regional Victoria

Commercial Stamp Duty Concessions Continuing into 2022

There is good news for buyers looking at commercial properties in regional Victoria. The existing commercial stamp duty…

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Piece of paper with buy in the middle of a brainstorm and an arrow pointing to yes with a pen underneath it and an arrow pointing to no to highlight the considerations when deciding whether to buy a commercial property

How to Buy a Commercial Property for Your Business

With commercial interest rates being incredibly low at the moment, many of our clients have asked us about…

By Glenn Sharp on

Desk with bulldog clips and 2022 calendar as a concept image for target setting and goal setting for 2022

Target Setting, Goal Setting & Accountability for Businesses: Make 2022 Your Best Year Yet!

2021 has been another extraordinary year with extraordinary circumstances that have challenged almost every business owner. To overcome…

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Illustration of a Bill coming out of an envelope and being placed under a magnifying glass to conceptualize waste and profit reviews

Lean Operations in 2022: What Waste and Profit Reviews Can Do For Your Business

There’s an old adage: “You need to spend money to make money.” It’s true, profitability and expenditure go…

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Cryptocurrency 'coins' on a dark background, including Bitcoin and etherum

Cryptocurrency: What is it and how is it taxed?

Australian Baseball Team Perth Heat made headlines when it announced it will give players and staff the option…

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What is a Director Identification Number (director ID) and do I need one?

You may have heard about the new rules which require directors of Australian companies to obtain a Director Identification Number (director ID). The new requirement to obtain a director ID also applies to individuals who have an SMSF or a trust with a corporate trustee, which is why I wanted to bring this new requirement to your attention.

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A photograph of Australian Dollars lined up in domination on a wooden table

Cash Flow Targets: Reduce Stress & Maximise Growth

Having enough money for your day-to-day business requirements is crucial. It is what keeps your business going –…

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A business person about to tap on a blue calculator on a desk trying to work out when to consider a virtual cfo

When Should a Business Consider a Virtual CFO?

Growing a business is incredibly challenging. It takes time, expertise, and good decision making across the board. One…

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Photograph of business person holding graphs and pie charts showing results of a business health check

How Healthy is Your Business? It’s Time for a Business Health Check

For many business owners, the pandemic has disrupted ‘business as usual’. Budgeting and business planning have been put…

By Glenn Sharp on

Business Growth in The New Economy

A quick look at news headlines over the past 10 months (since we published our Business Outlook for…

By Ewen Fletcher on

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