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Effective Strategies to Manage Cashflow

Posted by: Glenn Sharp on

In business, cashflow equals confidence and resilience. Take charge of your financial future with these strategies to help you manage cashflow in your business:

Establish Clear Payment Terms:

Set clear Terms of Trade outlining payment expectations for each customer. Ensure prompt payment by clearly defining payment deadlines and consequences for late payments, as outlined in your terms.

Enforce Payment Discipline:

Maintain payment discipline by promptly following up on overdue payments. Proactive communication and assertive action can deter late payments and uphold cashflow stability.

Utilise Debt Collection Services:

Engage contracted debt collectors to handle slow-paying customers, with costs to be borne by the debtor in accordance with established terms.

Allocate Funds for Tax Obligations:

Create a separate account to earmark funds for tax payments, ensuring timely settlement of tax obligations. Seek expert guidance to determine the appropriate amount to set aside for taxes.

Optimise Work in Progress:

Streamline invoicing processes, manage workload capacity, and establish performance targets to expedite revenue generation from ongoing projects.

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Evaluate Inventory Management:

Monitor inventory turnover rates and minimise obsolete inventory to enhance liquidity. Convert slow-moving inventory into cash to reinvest in high-demand items.

Minimise Inventory Holdings:

Maintain optimal inventory levels to reduce carrying costs and enhance cashflow efficiency. Only stock inventory is necessary to bridge the gap between sales and replenishment.

Finance Fixed Asset Purchases:

Opt for financing options aligned with the lifespan of fixed assets, enabling manageable instalment payments while optimising asset utilisation.

Implement Budgetary Control:

Develop comprehensive budgets for both income and expenses, adhering to predefined financial targets. Prioritise expenses in alignment with budget allocations to maintain fiscal discipline.

Establish Emergency Cash Reserves:

Build a contingency fund in a dedicated account to cushion against unforeseen financial challenges. Aim to accumulate reserves equivalent to at least one month of operating expenses, if not more.

Empower your business with effective cashflow management strategies. Contact us for personalised guidance on maximising cashflow and achieving financial resilience.

“Take control of your money, or the lack of it will control you.” – Dave Ramsey

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