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Step 6 of Building a Better Business: Cultivating Leadership Excellence and a Resilient Workplace Culture

Posted by: Ewen Fletcher on

Elevating your leadership skills and fostering a robust workplace culture is pivotal for building a better business. A toxic workplace can hinder productivity, making it crucial to assess and enhance your organisational environment.

Spotting Toxicity: Signs Your Workplace May Need Attention

Lack of Trust:
Is there a noticeable divide between owners and the team, fostering an ‘us’ versus ‘them’ mentality?

Core Values Neglect:
Are your Core Values nonexistent or not actively practiced?

Post-Meeting Criticism:
Are team members engaging in post-meeting discussions that involve criticism rather than constructive dialogue?

Stressful Interactions:
Do highly stressful interactions become the norm rather than the exception?

Are team members and owners prioritising self-interest over the collective benefit of the team and the business?

Lack of Buy-In:
Is there a lack of team commitment to the core purpose or goals of the business?

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Building a Healthier Workplace Culture: Key Strategies

Develop Collaborative Core Values:
Involve your team in crafting Core Values that resonate with everyone.

Define Purpose:
Clearly articulate why your business exists for its customers, and demonstrate how each team member contributes to this purpose.

Visibility and Accountability:
Make Core Values and purpose highly visible, fostering accountability among team members.

Goal Setting:
Establish annual and 90-day goals for each team member, aligning individual objectives with the overall Business Plan.

Recognition and Celebration:
Acknowledge and celebrate successes, recognising team members for outstanding performance.

Open Communication:
Conduct regular team meetings, providing a platform for everyone to be heard.

Address Toxicity:
Take decisive action against toxic behaviours by showing the ‘door of opportunity’ to individuals hindering a positive culture.

A toxic culture jeopardises business success. Conduct a candid assessment of your workplace culture and implement changes to cultivate a resilient and vibrant environment.

Need assistance in developing Core Values or defining your purpose? We’re here to help!

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” – Peter Drucker

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