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Step 5 of Building a Better Business: Creating an Optimal Organisation Structure for Business Success

Posted by: Glenn Sharp on

Achieving peak efficiency and unlocking economies of scale within your business largely hinges on having the right organisational structure. This step can significantly enhance your bottom-line returns, outpacing mere revenue growth. A well-designed structure should foster revenue increase without creating operational bottlenecks and creating the optimal organisation.

Your organisational blueprint should be a comprehensive guide, outlining all ten departments within your business. It should clarify the responsibilities of each, as well as the hierarchical relationships at play. Read more on the benefits of organisational charts here.

The Ten Key Business Departments:

  1. Shareholder
  2. Director
  3. Leadership
  4. Product/Service Development
  5. Operations
  6. Marketing
  7. Sales
  8. Finance
  9. HR
  10. Admin/Technology

To ensure clarity, each department should have a single leader. While one person can oversee multiple departments, a single department should never have multiple leaders.

Assessment and Delegation:

Consider assessing your leadership across departments if you’re the business owner wearing multiple hats. Identify areas where tasks are postponed or not enjoyed as much. Delegate or train a team member to take charge of those neglected departments – this not only improves efficiency but also frees up valuable time. Remember, overburdened team members, including yourself, are prone to errors. Facilitating team growth enhances loyalty and engagement.

organisation structure concept

Living Organisation Chart:

View your organisation chart as a dynamic document that evolves with your business. Regular check-ins ensure your team aligns with the structure, and hierarchy remains respected. During performance reviews, discuss any role changes, and update the chart accordingly.

Let Us Assist You:

We specialise in crafting organisation structures tailored to your business needs, complete with detailed job descriptions for each role, to help you reach your optimal organisation. Reach out to us for expert guidance!

“Mission defines strategy and strategy defines structure.” – Peter Drucker

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