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Step 2 of Building a Better Business: Embrace Change and Continuous Learning

Posted by: Ewen Fletcher on

Welcome to the second step in building a better business! In this phase, we focus on the transformative power of being open to change and continual learning. In our ever-evolving digital landscape, opportunities for new knowledge abound. Let’s explore why embracing a learning mindset is crucial for business success.

The Curiosity of a Child

Reflect on the boundless curiosity of a five-year-old, absorbing new information daily. As adults, why do we often resist the allure of ongoing learning? Despite our busy lives, it’s essential to acknowledge that dedicating time to learning is an investment in the future success of your business.

Prioritise Learning

Set tangible targets for personal and professional growth. Share these goals with someone who can hold you accountable. In a world brimming with digital resources, there’s no excuse not to find time for learning.

continuous learning concept

Five Strategies for Continuous Learning

  1. Read More:
    If finding time to read is a challenge, set a nightly reminder on your phone. Start with just 10 pages and gradually increase. Incorporate both recreational and business books into your reading routine for a well-rounded approach.
  2. Digital Detox for Learning:
    Resist aimlessly scrolling through your phone. Replace idle screen time with valuable content—eBooks, audiobooks, podcasts, or learning apps are excellent alternatives.
  3. Enrol in Courses or Workshops:
    Explore both online and in-person courses relevant to your business interests. Whether it’s leadership, management, sales, or writing skills, continuous learning contributes to your professional growth.
  4. TV Time:
    Cut down on mindless TV watching. Instead, focus on educational content such as TED talks on YouTube. Turn your entertainment time into an opportunity for valuable learning.
  5. Keep a Learning Journal:
    Document your insights and lessons regularly. The act of teaching what you’ve learned to someone else solidifies your understanding. Regularly review your journal to track your growth.

Identify Learning Areas

Pinpoint areas for improvement, such as leadership, management, sales, or writing skills. Explore the best avenues for expanding your knowledge and commit dedicated time to learning. Consider partnering with someone to share your learning journey. Read more on the importance of continuous learning here.

Ignite the Hunger to Learn

As you embark on this learning journey, you’ll find your appetite for knowledge growing. The more you learn, the more you’ll crave, setting the stage for continuous improvement.

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Embracing change and fostering a thirst for knowledge positions you to unlock the true potential of your business. Reach out to us; let’s take the next steps together toward building a better business!

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