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Step 1 of Building a Better Business: Defining Your Path to Success

Posted by: Glenn Sharp on

In the journey of building a better business, the first crucial step is to define what success looks like for you. Your business should serve you, not the other way around. Let’s explore how to crystallise your vision for a thriving business that aligns with your passions and values.

Clarify Your Vision

To create a roadmap for success, start by clearly defining what your ideal business looks like. In the next 12 months, where do you want to be? Take a moment to answer these key questions on paper.

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Embrace the Present

Shift your mindset from a future-oriented perspective to the present. Instead of thinking, “When I have this, I will do that,” consider who you need to be right now. Act in a way that aligns with that person, taking the necessary steps to achieve your goals.

Identify Your Passions

Determine what you love doing, both inside and outside of work. Delegate tasks that don’t align with your passions to free up more time for the things you love. This strategic move helps reclaim control over your time and energy.

Time Commitment

Quantify the hours you’re willing to dedicate each week to activities you’re passionate about. Share this commitment with someone who can hold you accountable. Block out dedicated time in your calendar to ensure you prioritise your passions.

Plan Your Getaways

Specify the holidays you want to enjoy. Where do you want to go, and when? Make it vivid in your mind by blocking out this time in your calendar now. Planning ahead sets the stage for the experiences you desire.

Financial Goals

Determine the income required to support your envisioned lifestyle. Don’t worry about the “how” at this stage; simply write down the figure. This establishes a tangible target to work towards. Read more about setting financial goals here.

By answering these questions and creating a personalised plan, you’ve laid the foundation for what you want from your business. Display your vision prominently and take proactive steps toward achieving it to attain the thriving business you want. Remember, as Arthur D. Hlavaty wisely said, “The first secret of getting what you want is knowing what you want.”

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