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Managing Holiday Cashflow for Your Small Business – Tips and Strategies

Posted by: Glenn Sharp on

As the holiday season approaches or if you’re gearing up for a well-deserved break, maintaining control over your small business’s holiday cashflow is crucial for a healthy work-life balance. Discover essential tips to keep your finances in check during the festive season.

Plan Ahead for Overheads and Salaries

Understand that even when you’re away, overheads and salaries still need attention. Plan for potential decreases in cash inflow during your absence and ensure that all costs are adequately covered. Get a clear picture of payroll and other planned expenses.

Address Possible Shortfalls Proactively

If there’s a chance of a cash shortfall, confront it head-on. Consider negotiating arrangements with suppliers or creditors and be willing to compromise on other business outgoings. Protect your business and staff from unnecessary financial strain.

Holiday cashflow concept

Tips for Stress-Free Cashflow During Holidays

Invoice Early:
Send invoices ahead of time and explore offering retainers or special deals for clients who book services or make purchases in advance.

Chase Payments:
Use the holiday period to follow up on outstanding payments. Communication is key, so talk to clients and actively pursue invoices. We share more on reducing debtor days here.

Communicate with Suppliers:
Honest conversations with suppliers can yield positive results. Explore the possibility of extending a line of credit for your payments.

Review Business Costs:
Regularly review and assess your business expenses. Identify areas where costs can be minimised or optimised, including subscriptions, regular payments, and upcoming costs. Read more about reviewing your business costs here.

Early Conversations with Bank or Tax Department:
If cashflow is a concern, initiate early discussions with your bank or tax department to have everything in place to navigate tight periods.

Consult with Us for a Stress-Free Break:
When planning for a break, consider booking an appointment with us for expert guidance. We can help navigate the holiday period, alleviate cashflow worries, and ensure you enjoy a well-deserved break.

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