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Taking Portable Payments

Posted by: Ewen Fletcher on

Hello, it’s Ewen Fletcher from Sharp Accounting!

I’m here with our first video of the Cash Flow video series. We’re going to talk about one thing per week on how to improve your cash flow for your business.

Now this week I want to talk about portable payments – taking payment when you’re out on a job.

All to often we see clients having to go back home or to the office after completing a job only having to invoice and chase up payment for the work they have already completed.

What we’re suggesting that for a number of people to have a mobile eftpos machine or alternatively a device that can plug into your phone that can take credit card payments. 

Either way you’ll be issuing an invoice and taking payment no site, straight away and there will be no delay in waiting for payment and you wont have to follow up with paper work.

Thats this weeks tip – give it a go. 

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