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Crossroads Trading

At Crossroads Trading, the Shanahan family’s dedication and wealth of experience shine through in every aspect of the business. Find out how Sharp Accounting has helped this family business.

Sharp Accounting has become an indispensable partner for Crossroads Trading, led by a dynamic husband-and-wife team dedicated to building a stronger business, capable of supporting their family’s livelihood and their wider community into the future.

Specialising in providing comprehensive accounting and advisory services, Sharp Accounting has been integral in Crossroads Trading’s journey towards success. From optimising administrative processes to offering insights into building management and organisational capability, Sharp Accounting has seamlessly transitioned into an advisory role.

As Crossroads Trading reflects on its partnership with Sharp Accounting over the past five years, it is evident that the collaboration has evolved beyond traditional accounting services. Sharp Accounting’s proactive approach in modelling and mapping new opportunities has been instrumental in Crossroads Trading’s diversification and growth. With a focus on aligning to long-term business goals, Sharp Accounting has empowered Crossroads Trading to navigate challenges and seize opportunities with confidence.

The testimonial from Crossroads Trading’s leadership underscores the invaluable role that Sharp Accounting plays in their journey, highlighting the firm’s commitment to driving the business forward and overcoming challenges together.

Crossroads Trading’s endorsement of Sharp Accounting as a trusted advisor speaks volumes about the strength of their partnership. With Sharp Accounting by their side, Crossroads Trading is well-positioned to achieve their ambitious growth goals and navigate the ever-evolving business landscape.

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