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How a Virtual CFO Works

Posted by: Ewen Fletcher on

How a Virtual CFO Works & What Strategies Are Involved

Today we’re talking about our VCFO service and how this can help you with your long term strategy for your business. 

Typically we find business owners are stuck in the day to day grind of running their business.  What we do is help to pull you back from that and actually let you sit back and make some strategic decisions, set some strategic goals, set a vision for your business and we set some timelines around this with you. 

As part of our VCFO service we work through this process with you and we leave you with a blueprint to follow of where you’re trying to get to, what you’re trying to achieve and what the benefits of trying to achieve that are.  In the early days we set this with you and you’ve got a roadmap of what you need to focus on and what you should be trying to achieve over the coming 6, 12, 18 months, and we’re checking in at regular intervals, via our accountability meetings, to make sure you’re on track for that.

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