Growth Club Central Victoria

Growth Club Recovery Bootcamp 2020

The Growth Club Central Victoria Bootcamp is underway...

The first webinar has occurred and the recording and materials are provided below. If you couldn’t make the first event, there is still time to register for the remaining two webinars (see below).

Click here to watch webinar one now.

Webinar One Resources

Download: Webinar 1 Slide Presentation

Download: Issue Ranking Worksheet

Download: One-page Plan Worksheet

Download: Business Leader Journey

More from the Free Webinar Series

Webinar 2: A New Vision

1 June | 10.00-10.30am

Consider different scenarios and choose the best strategy to focus on for maximum results.

Webinar 3: Leading Change

5 June | 10.00-10.30am

Identify opportunities to shine as a leader in this new landscape, and not only survive but thrive.

For more information about Growth Club Central Victoria, please contact Ewen Fletcher at Sharp Accounting on (03) 5338 7100

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